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It is it possible to claim for orthodontic surgeon negligence if I recently had two teeth removed by the orthodontist and it turned out to be unnecessary?

It may possible for you to claim for orthodontic surgeon negligence; however a definite answer cannot be provided without knowing more information about the circumstances in which the wrong teeth were removed. Nevertheless, as orthodontic surgeons are medical practitioners this means that they owe their patients a duty of care when it comes to providing the best treatment possible and ensuring their health and safety. Tooth removal that was unnecessary not only suggests a breach in this duty of care, it also suggests a demonstration of negligence on the part of the orthodontist. If you think that you have suffered due to a negligent orthodontist then you should discuss this with a medical negligence claims solicitor at the first possible moment.

Inform your solicitor of the particular situation where you experienced negligence by an orthodontic surgeon and the subsequent impact this has had on your quality life. After they assess the details of your possible claim they will be able to inform you of whether or not it is worth your while to proceed. Medical negligence claims – such as claims for orthodontic surgeon negligence — can be complicated. Although the removal of the wrong teeth does appear to be a clear demonstration of negligence, it could have occurred because of wrong information provided due to an administrational error or a lack of care exhibited by an orthodontic assistant. If your solicitor thinks that your negligent orthodontist claim may have a chance of success, they will attempt to establish who the negligent party may have been.

To establish negligence by your orthodontic surgeon, your solicitor will obtain any relevant medical documents from the orthodontic practitioners involved in treating you. They will present these documents to an independent orthodontic medical expert for examination. The expert will examine these papers and might also examine you. From this they will attempt to determine the negligent party and how badly you have been affected by negligence. Based on what they conclude, your solicitor may agree to proceed with your claim.

The value of your claim will be calculated by taking into consideration a number of factors. A base value will first be obtained from The Book of Quantum — a publication that contains various injuries and their claim values which are dependent on their extent and permanency. This value will then be altered when the solicitors involved in evaluating your claim take into account your age, sex, general state of dental health before the wrong teeth removal, the pain and suffering you have experienced, the impact it has had on your quality of life resultantly and in future if further orthodontic treatment will be necessary to remedy the wrong tooth removal.

The information provided here regarding your eligibility to claim for orthodontic surgeon negligence, how negligence will be established and how compensation may be calculated is merely a general overview of the claims process — it is not a substitute for professional legal advice obtained from a medical negligence solicitor who has knowledge of your particular situation. Therefore it is advisable that you that you contact a solicitor at the first possible opportunity in order to discuss your potential claim and how best to proceed.