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Hospital Disability Compensation Award Set At 1.5 Million Pounds

Disabled Stuart Morley, 29, of Bradford, West Yorkshire, could be the recipient of more than 1.5 million pounds in hospital disability compensation, after an out of court agreement was reached in his medical negligence claim against the North West London Hospitals NHS Trust.

Stuart, who has suffered from learning difficulties during his life, was fitted with a colostomy bag at the age of 11 after he was diagnosed with chronic constipation with overflow. In 2002, he was referred to St. Marks Hospital in Middlesex, where he was advised that the surgical procedure could be reversed.

However surgeons incorrectly closed Stuart’s bowel, which inevitably burst causing Stuart to suffer life threatening peritonitis and septicaemia, and requiring further extensive surgery to repair the damage.

After almost a decade of seeking hospitality disability compensation for his injuries, Stuart’s family have now reached agreement with the NHS Trust and will receive an immediate lump sum payment of 500,000 pounds, with further annual amounts of 25,000 pounds for the remainder of Stuart’s life.

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