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Hospital Birth Injury Claim Won by 33 Year Old Man

An incredible 33 years after his birth, an Oxfordshire man you suffered catastrophic injuries during his birth, has been awarded a 5.7 million pounds package in a hospital birth injury claim for compensation.

Ian Murphy was born in the city’s John Radcliffe Hospital in 1977. During his delivery his brain was starved of oxygen, resulting in Ian sustaining a cerebral palsy injury and being confined to a wheelchair from birth.

Ian has been always been supported by his parents, who have given day-to-day care since he was diagnosed with the condition. Ian experiences difficulties in communicating and socialising and it was only when his parents started enquiring about suitable accommodation for when they are no longer able to care for him themselves, that they discovered they were entitled to compensation.

After taking legal guidance, they claimed compensation for medical negligence against the South Central Strategic Health Authority, and in the Royal Court of Justice received an apology for errors made during the delivery and approval of a 5.7 million pounds compensation package.

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