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Interim Settlement of Compensation for Failing to Act on CTG Readings Approved in Court

A judge has approved a second interim settlement of compensation for failing to act on CTG readings in favour of a boy who suffers from cerebral palsy due to being starved of oxygen in the womb.

Eight-year-old Luke Miggin from Athboy in County Meath was born at the Mullingar General Hospital in February 2006 after having been starved of oxygen in the womb due to his mother´s obstetric consultant – Mr Michael Gannon – failing to act on CTG readings which indicated a deceleration of the foetal heartbeat.

After he was born, Luke was resuscitated and transferred to a special care baby unit, but he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and now needs 24/7 specialist care as he is unable to walk or take care of his personal needs.

Luke´s mother – Emily Miggin – made a claim for compensation for failing to act on CTG readings against Gannon and the Health Service Executive, and in 2010 liability was admitted for Luke´s injuries. An initial interim settlement of compensation was approved by Mr Justice John Quirke, who adjourned the case for three years to allow time for legislation to pass which would allow for a more suitable structured settlement.

Unfortunately such legislation has not yet been introduced and, at the High Court in Dublin, Ms Justice Mary Irvine was critical of former Ministers of Justice for failing to deliver on their promises of periodic payments for victims of catastrophic medical negligence. Judge Irvine said that the lack of a structured settlement system prevented families such as the Miggins from being able to get on with their lives when there was ongoing litigation.

The judge approved a second interim settlement of compensation for failing to act on CTG readings and adjourned Luke´s case for a further three years when his needs will be re-assessed and  a structured settlement system might be in place.

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