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Claim for the Failure to Diagnose a Detached Retina Resolved Out of Court

A man´s claim for the failure to diagnose a detached retina has been settled out of court after the negligent optician agreed to an £80,000 settlement.

The man – identified only as “Mr B” – made his claim for the failure to diagnose a detached retina after visiting his optician due to experiencing a sudden blurring and distortion of vision in his right eye. As well as the blurring and distortion, he told his optician that his right eye was sensitive to light and causing him to feel dizzy.

An eye examination revealed a dense visual field defect but, rather than making an emergency referral to an ophthalmologist, the optician recommended a new pair of glasses. Mr B continued to experience the symptoms of a detached retina and attended his GP. The GP identified his condition as a medical emergency and referred him to an eye hospital.

At the eye hospital, the GP´s diagnosis of a detached retina was confirmed, and Mr B underwent scleral buckle surgery under general anaesthetic to have the condition resolved. Despite the surgery, Mr B continues to have poor vision in his right eye – a condition that would have been avoided if his detached retina had been correctly identified when he first visited his optician.

Mr B sought legal advice and made a claim for the failure to diagnose a detached retina against his optician – alleging that the optician´s negligence had not only caused him pain and suffering, but had also caused him to forgo his career. The claim consequently included compensation for a considerable loss of earnings.

After a period of negotiation, an out-of-court settlement of the claim was agreed. Under the agreed settlement Mr B will receive £80,000 compensation for the failure to diagnose a detached retina plus the negligent optician will cover his legal costs.

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