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London Boy Awarded 6.6 Million Pounds for Hospital Birth Injury

A young boy, who suffered catastrophic brain damage during his delivery, has had a hospital compensation settlement package approved at London´s High Court.

Leo Whiten (7) from Tooting, London, was born in 2004 at St. George´s Hospital in Tooting but, due to the mismanagement of his birth, sustained brain damage which has left him requiring full-time care as he is unable to stand or walk by himself and has limited speech, which was described in court as non-functional.

St. George´s Healthcare NHS Trust admitted errors in respect of managing Samantha Nowell´s labour – Leo´s mother – and during his birth, and at the High Court in London, Mrs Justice Swift heard expert testimony that Leo will always be totally dependent on the care of others for his daily activities.

Announcing the hospital birth injury compensation settlement package, which consists of a 2.7 million pounds lump payment and staged annual payments, the judge stated that “Leo will never be able to live independently, will not be capable of any form of employment and will never have the necessary mental capacity to be able to manage his own affairs”.

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