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15,000 Pounds for Missed Severed Tendon Hospital Diagnosis

A renowned magician, whose doctor´s overlooked a severed tendon in his hand which threatened to end his career, has been awarded 15,000 pounds in an out-of-court settlement of his missed severed tendon hospital diagnosis claim.

Kyle Summers (40) from Burbage, Wiltshire, had gone to the Accident and Emergency Department of the George Eliot Hospital in Nuneaton after a cup he had been cleaning shattered in his hand. Doctors at the hospital took an x-ray of Kyle´s left hand to make sure that there was no china lodged in his thumb and then stitched the wound up and sent Kyle home.

When Kyle started to experience difficulty performing his magic tricks, he decided to have the hand looked at by his GP, but because the notes made at the hospital indicated that there was no damage to the tendon – even though the cut on Kyle´s thumb had been deep enough to reach the bone – the GP and a physiotherapist decided that the tendon had swollen.

It was after another check-up six weeks later that the true cause of the problem was identified. Kyle had to undergo two operations to insert a rod in his wrist and attach a thicker tendon before the injury started to mend. Only after months of intense specialist physiotherapy did Kyle gain the dexterity in his hand to allow him to work again.

After seeking legal guidance, Kyle sued the George Eliot NHS Trust for medical negligence and, in an out-of-court settlement, received 15,000 pounds for the missed diagnosis of his severed tendon.

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