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There’s one goal in mind when going for cosmetic surgery. That is none other than self-beautification. Some people are so determined to look at their best that they’re willing to go under the knife to achieve their dream look. And while there’s not much problem or objection with that, there’s always the risk that it can cause more harm than good. This can include errors during the surgical process. What are the common cosmetic surgery errors and what are the risks associated with these various mistakes?

There are different errors that can happen during cosmetic surgery. But before focusing on that, it’s interesting to note first the reasons behind these errors. What are the common causes of cosmetic surgery error? Here are just some of the most common ones.

  1. Outdated procedures- Techniques in medicine are advancing at a very fast rate. And most of these technologies are already helping patients in accomplishing their different health goals. By not using these technologies, it can prove to be the difference maker, especially during complicated procedures.
  2. Poorly-trained doctors- Unlike other forms of surgery, it seems that there are more substandard doctors working as cosmetic surgeons. Unwilling or unable to provide proper medical treatment, it’s the patient that suffers the consequences.
  3. Bad judgment- Often times in surgery, judgment calls make the difference between success and failure. When the doctor makes a wrong call during the procedure, then there’s a good chance that something will go wrong sooner or later.
  4. Wrong interpretations- Proper evaluation of the case is very important before going under the knife. But due to a lack of evaluation tools, difficulty of diagnosis, or wrong evaluation of the task at hand, the doctor can wrongly judge the needs of the patient.

With the common causes of surgical errors mentioned, it’s now time to focus on the most common cosmetic surgery errors.

  1. Infections- Due to the lack of sanitary practices, infections can develop on the patients. This is arguably the most dangerous surgical error around, as it can bring some life-threatening consequences. In fact, an infection contracted during surgery can be grounds for medical malpractice.
  2. Items left inside the body- Because of different reasons, some items, ranging from screws to forceps, can be left inside the body after surgery. When left inside the body, these items cause discomfort, or worse. They often require a separate surgery to take them off the body.
  3. Deviated results- Often times, the look the patient wants is not accomplished thru surgery. This is because either the doctor really wasn’t able to capture the desired look, or it’s only a matter of the patient having unrealized and/or unrealistic expectations.
  4. Post-surgical trauma- Because of the difficulty and complications of the surgery itself, or complications resulting from surgical errors, the patient can have trauma, both of the physical and the psychological type.

While errors sometimes cannot be prevented, one can do something to reduce his/her chances of getting any of these common cosmetic surgery errors. These include going to a trustworthy doctor, having your case evaluated properly, and understand the risks of going for such procedures.