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Could I claim for medical procedure errors in the hospital if I have been suffering from severe depression and anxiety since a surgeon made an error during a recent leg operation?

You could be eligible to claim for medical procedure errors in the hospital. Every medical professional owes their patients a duty of care when it comes to providing them with the best possible medical treatment, the fact that you have been suffering psychologically due to such an error suggests a breach in this duty on the part one or more of the individuals who were operating on you.

Although it may seem like the surgeon was to blame for the mistake that was made during your surgical procedure, this mistake could have been made due to a lack of care on the part of a nurse or technician. It will be necessary to establish negligence and also the individual(s) responsible for your operation error. To do this you should contact a medical negligence claims solicitor who has experience in dealing with claims for hospital errors with medical procedures at the first possible moment.

You should inform them of the specific circumstances in which you suffered from this surgical mistake and the impact it has on your life subsequently. If your solicitor thinks that you could have a viable claim for medical procedure errors in hospital, they will contact the medical professionals involved in your surgery to obtain any relevant medical notes. These will then be presented to an independent medical expert who will be able to determine if this error could have been avoided if an alternative course of action had been taken or if another medical professional had been operating instead. If they think that what you have been suffering is due to the mistake that was made during your surgical procedure, then your solicitor may agree to proceed with your claim.

Your claim will be calculated by taking into consideration a variety of factors. These may include your age, sex, and general state of health prior to the error made during your surgery and your loss of amenity. Loss of amenity will account for if you have been left unable to take part in any activities that used to be every day, normal tasks for you. This could include being unable to attend social events, being unable to work and even being unable to partake in domestic activities. Loss of amenity is accounted for as part of the area of personal injury claim known as general damages. General damages take into consideration the non-financial changes a person has had to make to their lives as a result of medical negligence, in addition to the pain and suffering they have suffered and also any quantifiable psychological injury — which could include the severe depression and anxiety you have been suffering from.

Claims for hospital errors with medical procedures can often be complicated, so it is recommended that you contact your solicitor at the first possible moment. They will be able to inform you of whether or not you have a claim for medical procedure errors in the hospital that is worth pursuing. They will also be able to provide you with legal advice that is relevant to your situation than what has been provided here.